FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I submit my application, after all the documentation is ready at my end?

Once you have finalized your schools and programs, our counsellors will get in touch and guide you, as regards to the application fee charged by Universities, we shall direct to you to the page where you can submit your payment with your own credit card. For some Schools, application charges apply, to be borne by the applicant. The online or paper application is done by our experienced application managers and therefore there is no scope of an error. Applicant bears the courier charges for paper applications.

How do I track the status of my application?

Once you have applied, iCudB’s placement team will process your application and one of our admissions counsellors will be assigned to work with you. Your contact person will keep you up-to-date about any changes in the application process, and guide you with any further steps to take.

Do you charge an administration/application fee?

No, once a student has their Essays, CV/ Resume, Letter of Recommendation and all other information ready our counsellors will help you navigate your way to submitting an application. However, if you need personal assistance with Essays / CV / Statement of Purpose / Letter of Recommendations those services are chargeable which can be found under Essays section.

So, what does iCudB help me with?

We help you :

  • Review your full application
  • Review supporting documents
  • Help you formulate your SOPs/ Essay drafts (if required)
  • Have an over-the-phone consultation with you
  • Revise your application as needed
  • Send your application to selected schools

How do I know that my personal data is secure?

At iCudB, we do everything to keep your data secure. We keep your personal information stored on secure servers. Key information is always encrypted and we do not store credit/ debit card/ any other payment related data.

Is my email address kept private?

We want you to feel safe using your email when communicating with iCudB. You will receive information from iCudB and our school partners on a regular basis over email. If you don’t want to be contacted via email, you can change your settings in “Email Notifications” under your personal account. Please review our privacy policy to know more about the information you provide us.

How can I contact iCudB?

We would love to hear from you. You will find our contact details under Contact us. You may contact us over email at info@iCudB.com , or call us at +91-90510-88887, or simply request a call-back by submitting your details in the form provided. A counsellor shall contact you within 24 hours at the most.

Does iCudB help students get scholarships?

We help students from anywhere in the world choose and apply to schools worldwide that best match their needs and potential. We have experts who draft out your profile in an optimal manner to be able to get the best of loan/ scholarship offers. We also have Scholarship Experts who will provide all relevant information regarding the same. We do not help with specifically getting scholarships to fund your education. You can however, find helpful information on our blog page.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you should check with your government and directly with the school you are interested in if you are eligible for any academic scholarships.

How to approach SOPs and Application Essays?

SOPs and Application Essays are a matter of expertise and no matter how flared your language is, or how ‘good’ your English is, the content that goes into these drafts needs expert advice. Essays/ SOPs must be a comprehensive gist of who you are and why you are suitable to study at your chosen destination. There are many ways of going about it and no one approach is a master shot. However, the iCudB team of professionals have had years of experience in this field and can make your profile shine by just adding a relevant innovative perspective.