Our Services

Student Profiling

This is where we start with discussing your academic history and learning more about you as an individual. We assess your academic credentials, work experience, financial needs and your long term career goals.

University Shortlisting

Choosing a university or college is a daunting task. With over 3000+ universities worldwide, picking the best colleges can often be challenging. You will be assisted by a personal admission counsellor who shall work with you at every step in finalizing your course and the top colleges matching your profile.

Editorial Services

Before submitting your applications our team of editors shall assist you in composing a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) and help you in drafting your essays to perfection. Your Resume/CV is composed such that you look like the ideal candidate for your study abroad college. In short, this is where we make Tony Stark look like Iron Man!

Scholarship Assistance

There are over 1,500 different scholarships/fellowships worldwide that most students are not aware of and finding the ones applicable to your profile, is what we specialise in. Let our specialists guide you on how to cut costs in forms of grants and need based scholarships. If the Wayne Foundation has a scholarship you qualify for, we know about it!

Application Submission

Once we have all your documents handy we start to put all the documents together and submit them to the institutes for review. We also work in assisting you with college follow ups and prepare you for the college interviews, if needed.

VISA Counselling

Getting into an overseas college maybe sorted but Visas can be tricky. We assist and review your financial documents before submitting them to the consulate. We put you through mock interviews and prepare you for questions you may be asked at the Embassy.


To get more details, request a one on one consultation by e-mailing at info@icudb.com or calling us on +91 90510-88887.